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Welcome to our Help Center. We’ve pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our users and compiled them all into one place. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Is there a way to list a home without offering a Buyer's Agent Commission?
    This is not a good idea for a Brokerage to do. Only because the purpose of MLS is for Brokers to offer a commission to other Brokerages. It is important for our Brokerage to offer a commission in order to establish a good reputation in the market.
  • Does flat fee MLS Listing Service work in Austin?
    As of August 2017, we have now expanded to San Antonio, catering to clients with flat fee MLS listing services via ABOR.
  • Do you accept Cash or Checks for the Flat Fee order?
    We do not take any other form of payment besides credit cards due to security and management.
  • What is my overall cost with your company?
    For Sale: Your overall cost with us will be the Flat Fee + The commission to the Buyer's Agent. This is typically 3%. So, your typical overall cost is the Flat Fee + 3% at closing, if it closes (instead of the traditional 6%). Higher priced listings may be able to lower the commission to the Buyer's Agent, please contact the Broker to discuss this if desired. For Lease: Your overall cost with us will be the $95 Flat Fee + The commission to the tenants agent. This is typically 50% of one months rent. If you would like to lower that amount please let our team know via email.
  • What will NOT be provided in my service?
    In order for us to drive the costs down and offer a low commission realtor, the company does not offer any face to face consultations. This means that most of the communication with the Broker and his staff will be digitally or through the phone. This is already how most of the communication is handled in real estate anyways. Also, we do not place lockboxes. These lockboxes are easily available in Home Depot for a cost around $30.
  • Can a non-agent show my home?
    No, most listing are only available to MLS Participants. This means that only Realtors can see these listings since the local Board of Realtors provides the local MLS. Either way, our company does not allow non-agents to be given access without the permission of the seller.
  • What is the best way to reach you?
    Email is always the most consistent way to reach us. But feel free to call or text us as well.
  • My home is listed right now, can I still use your Flat Fee Listing Service?
    If your home is currently on MLS with another agent, you will need to terminate your Listing Agreement in order to begin the new Flat Fee MLS listing.
  • Do you list rentals?
    Yes! Our $95 package is for listings that will be listed as For Lease
  • How are Showings scheduled?
    If your listing is for sale, your information will be placed in a third party service that we pay for called ShowingTime. Agents will call ShowingTime to request appointments and then ShowingTime will call you to approve or deny the requests.
  • Is Zillow, Trulia,, etc. included?
    For Sale: These websites will automatically pull your listing data from MLS once we list it. For Lease: Zillow and its affiliated websites have began charges separately for for lease listings on their sites. You would need to contact Zillow directly to pay to be listed on their sites. Our service will simply list you on the MLS for $95.
  • I still have questions…
    Call us! We want to make sure everything is clear for you.
  • Are there any documents needed for me to fill out?
    Yes, there will need to be a Listing Agreement signed by the owner of the property. This agreement gives our Brokerage permission to list your Flat Fee MLS Listing.
  • How do I get the Yard Sign and What size is it?
    For Sale: Once you make an order you would simply email our team that you want the yard sign and let us know where you want is shipped to. A $15 shipping fee will apply if you want the yard sign, they cost us $35 each so the $15 you pay simply covers the shipping fee to get it to you. They yard sign is 18x24, the typical yard sign size. For Lease: Yard signs are not included for for lease listings.
  • How many photos can I upload to the MLS?
    The MLS allows between 30-40 photos, depending on your photo resolution. You can send us all of the photos you want to use and we can let you know if any limits are reached. But if you are ordering the $45 package, only 6 photos are allowed.
  • Why aren't there local Flat Fee Listing Brokers?
    Flat Fee MLS Listing companies are usually Marketing companies that promote the Flat Fee service. In turn they send the lead to a local Broker for a partial payment. This isn't good for the customer, because the local Broker is just trying to do the minimum to post the property on MLS. Our service is local and so are our marketing efforts. You will speak directly with us. From what we know, there are only a handful of Brokers who offer Flat Fee Listing service locally like our company in the Houston, DFW, Austin, and San Antonio area.
  • What is an "exclusive right to sell" listing?
    Exclusive right to sell is the type of Listing Agreement that a seller signs with a listing agent. This means that no other listing agent can be hired to handle the property for the seller. Our listing agreement is used to give us permission to place the property on MLS.
  • Are all home showings for pre-qualified clients?
    That is the notion that all agents assume. Most agent only show homes to pre-qualified clients.
  • What if my house is not from the DFW, Houston, Austin or San Antonio area?
    This Flat Fee Listing Service will work effectively from any home within the 100 mile radius of our Board of Realtor memberships. Currently, we are members of MetroTex, HAR, ABOR and SABOR, which cover the DFW,Houston, Austin and San Antonio markets.
  • Does flat fee MLS Listing Service work in DFW?
    We have begun operations in the DFW area since June 2016 handling flat fee MLS on MetroTex and we seem to be getting consistent closings in the DFW Flat Fee Listing area.
  • What is MLS?
    MLS or Multiple Listing Service is a database of properties in the surrounding area. This list is usually only available to participating Brokers and members of the local Board of Realtors. MLS is the main source of real estate information for Appraisers, Brokers, and other Real Estate Professionals. To maximize your listing, the property should always be listed on MLS.
  • Why does a For Sale By Owner rarely work?
    There are plenty of reasons why For Sale By Owner's (FSBO) does not work very well. The main one has to do with exposure. MLS is a system that goes out to all the agents in the area, and it is considered the "market" of real estate. The best way to see it, is comparing it to the stock market. It is very difficult to sell a stock without it being "listed" in the main stock exchanges. There are stocks that do trade outside of these exchanges, but it is obvious to see why they would not have the same traffic. Any home listed on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) can not be considered a FSBO. This is because all homes must be under the name of a real estate brokerage.
  • Can I sell my home without MLS?
    It has been proven difficult to sell a home without he assistance of MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This is due to the problem that homes without MLS do not get enough exposure in order for the property to sell. MLS not only feeds into the thousands of agents in the metro area, but thousands of buyers that would see he home on websites like,,, and more.
  • Is there any commission owed after the Flat Fee?
    In most cases, a flat fee MLS listing offers 3% of the sale price to any Buyer’s Agent who helps in the search for a buyer. This is usually why MLS is so effective in the sale homes. The good news is that you have already saved thousands by not having to pay 3% to your Listing Broker.
  • What WILL be provided with my service?
    Along with the option of a low commission realtor, you will be advised with any requests related to the sale of the home. Selling a home is a situation that typically calls for a customized approach. We will discuss pricing of the listing, showings and closing scenarios throughout the entire transaction.
  • What are your Office Hours?
    We have staff that works from 9am to 8pm Monday through Fridays, 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays, and 4pm to 6 pm on Sundays to handle all offers.
  • Does flat fee MLS Listing Service work in San Antonio?
    As of August 2017, we have now expanded to San Antonio, catering to clients with flat fee MLS listing services via SABOR.
  • Is my Flat Fee Refundable?
    We refund ALL orders if you change your mind before signing the listing agreement. Simply let us know that you would like a refund via email and we will refund the order.
  • How many edits do I get for my listing?
    You get as many edits as needed with our service at no cost to you.
  • How much help will I receive selling my home with Your Company?
    You won't only get help, but we will contact you to see if you have any questions after ordering. Remember that we are local Texas Real Estate Agents and we are here to answer all your questions and concerns so your Flat Fee MLS Listing goes smoothly.
  • What happens after I place an Order?
    Once you place an order, a screen will load on the site with a form to fill out with your property and contact information. Once you fill that out, you will receive an email with instructions for sending us your photos, property description, and showing instructions. You will also receive a listing agreement to e-sign to give us permission to list your home on MLS. If you would like a CMA, please email us requesting it and our staff will send you one.
  • What do the other agents think about your service?
    Other agents and realtors do not appreciate our model. This is because it threatens their 6% traditional model. This is important to point out, because these buyer's agents do have complaints on having their questions answered about our listings. We plan to be able to answer their every question, so their collaboration on your listing goes smoothly. This is why some of the Flat Fee MLS Listings do not work.
  • Do you price match the competition?
    Please contact us with some simple evidence of a cheaper pricing. We want to be highly competitive while giving you the best service possible in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio areas.
  • How will I sign documents?
    We use a very common web service for electronic signatures called Zipforms. We recommend this service, since it is very practical and effective to use. This is also a industry wide standard in document delivery. We pay quite a premium for this service for your convenience, and it is included in your service.
  • Can I pay less than 3% to the Buyers Agent?
    This answer depends on the area of your listing, your listing price, and is at the discretion of the Broker. Feel free to contact us to confirm if you can offer lower commission on your listing.
  • Is your Brokerage a TREC regulated Brokerage?
    Yes it is, is a registered name of Savvy Way Realty, Inc., which is a licensed Brokerage under the Texas Real Estate Commission.
  • Why do some Flat Fee Listings not sell?
    This is usually a question based on two factors, price and Buyer's Agents care. Most listings need to be priced correctly to sell in order for the property to close. This is a typical economical principle of price vs time ratio. Buyer's Agents have multiple questions for the Listing Agent, and if they go unanswered it becomes a higher failure rate for the listing. These Buyer's Agents are not usually allowed to speak to the seller directly by their Brokerages.
  • Does flat fee MLS Listing Service work in Houston?
    We have had about 12 years of experience in Houston, handling our flat fee MLS on and the system seems to be working very well for our savvy sellers. Why pay 6%?
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